Price range:
* $20-30,000
** $30-45,000
*** $45-55,000
**** $60-80,000
***** $80-100,000
****** over $100,000

Gelding by Totilas

ery handsome beautiful and talented gelding by Totilas. He is currently 168 cm tall or 16’2. 4 years old black. He has a wonderful sweet temperament and is easy to ride. Lots of talent here with three very good balanced gaits. He is located in Germany. Price range **

                      Pic 1 Vid 1

Wonderful Temperament

This handsome boy is 3 years old. He is by the amazing stallion Vivaldi and he currently measure 16’1 tall or 165cm. Uncomplicated and easy to ride. Three good gaits and has now been under saddle for 2 months plus. Videos on request. Horse is located in Holland. Price range *

                             Pic 1

Modern uphill build youngster

Black gelding by Don Index. Very handsome with three very good gaits. Super temperament and great size at 168cm/16’2 currently. He is very brave and has an amazing balance already in all three gaits. Videos on request. Currently in Germany. Price range **

Top quality in a smaller frame

This is very handsome gelding with 4 white feet! Is currently 3 years old and measure 163 cm/16h. He has three very good movements and is soft and easy in the connection already. Currently in Holland. Videos on request. Price *

                             Pic 1

Top mover for the big arena

High quality mover. Currently measure 165cm or 16’1. 4 years old by Fürstenlook. Very high ride ability and top character. Currently in Germany. Video on request. Price range ***

Very pretty mare!

Mare 5 years old 16’1 tall. Very good looking well put together mare. Very good bloodlines. Three very good gaits and a sweet willing character. Easy to ride. Currently in Germany. Video on request. Price range **